Weather Engineer, Food Developer and Data Invader: 15 Amazing Future Professions

Even now, companies emphasize that they cannot predict future job openings, because technologies are developing so quickly and businesses are trying so desperately to keep up. But which professions will appear on the labour market in 10-30 years? Together with Indigo recruitment agency, we investigated this issue and are now ready to share some of the futurologists’ forecasts.

  1. Cryptolawyer and Cryptocoach

As the cryptocurrency market grows, it will soon need experts to support various aspects of dealing with cryptocurrencies, including lawyers specializing in the legal ramifications of the new money. A ‘cryptocoach’ would be a professional who teaches the adherents of notes and bank cards how to manage cryptocurrency.


2. Weather engineer

Weather conditions have a significant impact on states’ economies. It is expected that in the future there will be technologies capable of managing the weather on a regional level. We will therefore need experts capable of developing these technologies. We hope they will also keep an eye on the ethics of their usage – for instance, preventing the possibility of causing a drought in a hostile country, and regulating the development of climate weapons.

3. Engineering psychologists for clones, avatars and robots

Clients of psychologists sometimes complain about feeling they are being manipulated. In the future, there could be an actual reason. This is due to the fact that psychologists could be replaced by different kinds of near-humans, and human psychologists may have ‘artificial’ clients. Both representatives of homo sapiens and their new friends will need the help of experts who understand their natures and can help them establish relationships with each other, as it were. One can also assume that there will be experts on the rights and ethical issues related to robots in different areas.

4. Mediator between humans and robots

There will be teams trying to help establish relationships between employees and machines. These teams will undoubtedly encounter similar professionals of different ‘species.’ It will be even more important to use caution when making public statements, as one day robot colleagues will be able to remember an old post where you blamed them for infiltrating the market and criticized their lack of emotional intelligence.

5. Data detective

Opportunities in the area of data science are incredible! For instance, a consulting company, Cognizant, in its research entitled “Jobs of the Future,” forecasts a growing demand for data detectives. These are experts who know how to work with data, not merely by collecting and analyzing it, but by conducting actual investigations at the request of companies and organizations. It is expected that they will work with very different smart gadgets, perhaps including home appliances.

6. Liquidator of outdated systems

Futurist Tomas Frey foresees an entire array of occupations related to the elimination of obsolete systems. He calls them The Dismantlers. For instance, they will destroy outdated systems in the areas of taxes, medicine, higher education and the prison system, and more, so that others can build upon them. If we are lucky, they can get to soviet metro turnstiles!

7. Waste management engineer

Humankind, with its love of plastic, has already caused so much evil that some insights make one feel like crying. We can be saved by our consciousness and, of course, technology, which also means professionals able to develop it. There are already some inspiring examples – for instance, in the field of water purification. It is, however, expected that there will be more useful things – for example, “land” drones that will help clean up and utilize waste underground.

8. Food programmer

Currently perfect-looking apples make people concerned and doubtful as to whether they are natural or not. However, one day it will be possible to set the parameters for products – for instance, managing their color, shape, contents, and flavour. It is also very likely that there will be artificial meat experts and vegans will make peace with burger-lovers.

9. Mature person tool creator

Life expectancy keeps on rising, and soon old age will not be perceived as the end of life. Meanwhile, it will cause the development of the industry that will make the life of elderly people as comfortable and active as possible.

10. Nanodetector

For instance, Tomas Frey points out the prospects for cell surgeons and 3D diagnosticians. What is more, unbelievable opportunities open up for transplantology – as you may have already heard, an artificial heart capable of contracting has been created in an Israeli laboratory. Tal Dvir, the manager of this project, highlighted that perhaps in 10 years’ time it will be common to print human body organs. According to “Jobs of the future”, there will be a demand for surgeons who are able to conduct operations with the help of robotic systems, and also nutritionists who can tailor-make a diet for someone on the molecular level.

11. Digital waste management expert

The volume of digital waste is getting greater and greater, and perhaps over time common cloud services won’t be able to cope with it any longer. We will need brains who can help manage it properly.

12. Data invader

Military, intelligence, and the fight against organized crime will be using the huge potential of big data much more actively, including, according to Tomas Frey, invasion and captivation of it in order to satisfy the needs of their party.

13. Augmented and virtual reality guide

This is an expert who will plan and accompany a person on such journeys, but there will also be engineers who will create such worlds (and hopefully know how to come back from there).

14. Nature restorer

This is an expert who will work with the ecosystem, now significantly deteriorated by humans. They will rescue and restore it. For instance, with the use of genetic material of animals that are still living out there in the forests and the fields. There will also be professionals working on the restoration of flora and natural resources.

15. DNA diversity expert

While we are fighting for gender and racial equality and only coming closer to acknowledging the fact that ageism is ominous for the labour market, futurologists foresee that we will soon need to keep an eye on the equality and diversity in the workplace on the DNA level. It means that leaders will strive for a balanced team with representatives of both traditional and the “tuned-up” DNA.

And what about you? How will your profession change in the future?