IT-Recruiter School – a common initiative of experts, curated by IT recruitment agency Indigo.

Courses are available for everyone, but the number of places is limited. Hurry up to submit your application, we are waiting for YOU!


This IT-recruiting project is designed for rapid development. It will be useful for:

  • newcomers in IT-recruiting to pump their knowledge;
  • recruiters / HR managers in non-IT sphere aimed to learn the profession of IT-recruiter;
  • experienced non-technical recruiters who want to dip into IT-specific

The course will help you get deep understanding of the specifics of Ukrainian IT-market, learn to fill open positions of any complexity, learn the current trends in recruitment and become a strong specialist in HR-IT.



  • Anna Stetsenko
  • Sofia Drigola
  • Olga Ivanova
  • Tatiana Korbaniuk
  • Ksenia Kutsa
  • Inna Deberina

We have over a hundred filled vacancies and happy clients behind and we will kindly share our mistakes and best practices with you.


  • theoretical course and practical training,
  • brainstorming and discussion,
  • individual coaching sessions,
  • webinars,
  • cases and tasks from real projects,
  • individual work and home tasks check

Duration: 1 month.

Classes 2 times a week: 1 class on a weekday after work and 1 class on a weekend (the exact time will be selected according to the students’ desires)

If you still have questions, please email us or +380 (096) 500 67 33


Module 1: Basics of Recruiting

  1. Basic terms and definitions
  2. Specifics of work in IT-recruiting companies and agencies (pros and cons of the profession)
  3. The IT labour market of Ukraine and the whole world
  4. Types of sourcing (active/passive search, executive search, headhunting)

Module 2: Passive search

  1. Vacancy announcement composition
  2. Maps and plans of sourcing
  3. Source search
  4. Work with the database
  5. Recruiting process automatisation

Module 3: Active search

  1. Executive search
  2. Headhunting
  3. Work with the recommendations
  4. Mailing

Module 4: Introduction to technical specifics

  1. Basic concepts
  2. How to understand the technical job requirements
  3. How should non-technical recruiter understand the level of developers

Module 5: Correspondence with the candidates (letters and chats)

  1. Letters target
  2. Letters style
  3. Literary secrets of the business correspondence
  4. How to write letters to receive a response

Module 6: Telephone calls

  1. Call or not to call a programmer?
  2. Call scripts
  3. Work with the objections

Module 7: Interview

  1. What questions to ask and not to ask in an interview
  2. How to find out candidates’ motivation
  3. How to prepare and hold an interview

Module 8: Cooperation with the customer

  1. Types of customers
  2. Typical situations arising during the work with the customers
  3. How to be the best recruiter for external/internal customer

Module 9: Job-offer

  1. How to make a job-offer
  2. How to deal with the counteroffer
  3. How not to lose the candidate during the recruitment process

Module 10: Networking

  1. Recruiters brand
  2. Basic principles and networking resources
  3. Social Networks power