Crackerjacks for a newcomer: 9 ideas for your welcome package

Companies are ready to do virtually anything in order to make new employees return to the workplace after lunch, rather than ghosting the new employer. Top managers personally greet the newbies and organize parties in their honor. What is more, they even buy presents! In the past, one needed to deserve them with conscientious work, but now it is enough to simply accept the job offer, get your welcome package, or a so-called оnboarding box. What should one put in such a box so that it is useful and nice? Here’s a set of ideas made by Indigo recruitment agency.

Three signs of a good welcome package

First, it is strongly advised that the box and all items inside of it are made with the company’s style. All the logotypes, corporate colours, and other details, will enable the newcomer to smoothly dive into the new world, become a part of its surroundings, and decorate the yet empty table. It will also show that we are now on the same team. The welcome pack of Sega, with its world famous Sonic, is a good example of this.

Second, the new set of employees has to correspond with the company’s values. For instance, these values may reflect that the team works in accordance with eco-friendly principles, and cares about the well being of its employees.

Third, the individual approach: customized presents, or items with individual design and greetings signed personally, rather than mass-produced cups. For example, the classic set at Facebook, which consists of a notebook, a pen, and a T-shirt. Everything is branded with the Facebook logo, including a computer mouse, but there is a sign with the name of the new owner on their table.

1. Team clothing

Usually it consists of a branded T-shirt, sweatshirt, and cap. However, it is not a great idea to buy several white T-shirts and print your logo on them. The clothes have to be selected in such a way that one would like to wear them. This means that there should be different sizes of clothes with a stylish, eye-catching, and original design, possibly with funny or motivating quotes, or pictures with a special meaning for your team or community. If your team shares family culture, why not put comfy soft shoes in the newcomer box?

2. Funny cups 

This is an essential feature of an employee, and a traditional symbol of initiation to the team. If we drink cappuccino from the same cup, we are almost relatives. Again, it would be great if the cup were nice, so that it was not shameful to take a selfie at the new workplace. A good idea is a thermos mug that keeps the temperature of coffee hot for the hard working Front End Developer, or a smart cup with a reminder to replenish your drink. 

3. Goodies and “devices” for them 

There are plenty of options for goodies, including chocolate bars, candies, gingerbread, cakes, coffee and tea sets, or even fresh fruits and healthy, sugar-free snacks. You can also add something practical for food storage. For instance, a lunch box, water bottle, or cup coaster. 

4. Greetings from the leader 

For example, Ebay meets and greets newcomers with a greeting letter.

Freshers will be especially pleased if they get noticed by the team leader. The easiest way to do it is to have a postcard from the CEO written, or at least personally signed, greeting the newcomer on board and wishing the best of luck. It is even better to invite the newcomer to a face-to-face meeting, e. g. breakfast or an informal conversation, to get to know each other personally.

5. Useful office supplies

Mainly, these are notebooks, calendars, and diaries. Even the most hi-tech companies use paper for some documentation. Take for instance, IBM. There are also pens and other useful little things, such as phone holders. To make it more individual, you can add a corporate sticker pack, or stickers for laptop. Additionally, you can add some useful tech devices, such as power banks. For example, office newcomers of Uber receive anti-stress cubes aside from the standard welcome set. Whereas, at Nike, freshmen receive headphones. 

6. Ideological things

These are the things coworkers will use not only at work, but also in their personal life. For example, the companies committed to eco-principles can have eco-bags, backpacks, or products, that are made of recycled materials. It can also be things symbolizing a snese of belonging to the company,such as a corporate badge. 

7. National element

In international companies, welcome packages may well include something usefull, particularly for a foreigner. For instance, a phrasebook, or a book about local sightseeing, famous places, and events. 

8. Access codes

These are purely useful things that all employees need: digital office keys, or a pass and device for it. Besides, it might be useful for a company to have a paper book for freshmen, or a welcome-book with basic info about company values, projects, staff, and contacts, as well as other useful information (e.g. schedule for corporate training, etc.).

9. Intellectual pump

For example, a interesting new book on a professional topic, or a bestseller binge-read, or other interesting things (puzzles and jigsaw puzzles, board games).

However, WHAT you have for a present is just as important as HOW you give it. You can simply leave the box on the fresher’s desk, or hand it after a friendly greeting, tea, or excursion. After all, it is not so much about the presents we give, but the emotions that accompany the process.  

What do you have for presents for newcomers? Share your ideas in the comments🙂