The Coming Days: 10 Characteristics of the Team of the Future

We have already discussed personal skills of the future. In this article, we decided to talk about how teams are transformed and which skills and characteristics they should develop.  1. Feedback The format of feedback will change completely. Instead of an annual evaluation there will be an ongoing, daily dialogue. Changes occur very quickly nowadays […]

Neuro Recruitment, or How the brain accepts offers: 4 hints for recruiters

As a recruiter, wouldn’t it be great to read the mind of a candidate and know just what would convince them to accept your employment offer? We at Indigo Recruitment Agency may not have that superpower, but we are interested in this issue. This is why we’ve decided to ask an expert to explain it. […]

Weather Engineer, Food Developer and Data Invader: 15 Amazing Future Professions

Even now, companies emphasize that they cannot predict future job openings, because technologies are developing so quickly and businesses are trying so desperately to keep up. But which professions will appear on the labour market in 10-30 years? Together with Indigo recruitment agency, we investigated this issue and are now ready to share some of […]

Recruitment agency, freelancer or staff member: who do you really need?

You want to have more staff developers right now or “by yesterday,” but you are not sure where to turn for help. Do you want to hire a specialist with a unique set of skills? Can you delegate the process of recruitment to a staff member? Situations vary, so let’s go have a look. We […]

HRs don’t exist in an ideal world, but here, you still have to pay them

____________________________________________ About the author: Ekaterina Osadchuk, CEO at  Indigo Tech Recruiters, economist, professional psychologist, HRD and director for organizational development, with over 10 years of experience ____________________________________________ In an ideal business world there would be no HRs. In a world where leaders understood that beyond salary – freedom, meaning, and self-realization can also serve as motivators. […]

What Foreign CEOs Should Know Before Employing Ukrainian Software Developers

The Ukrainian IT industry is relatively young, yet unbelievably swift and unique. We dedicate this article to all the founders, CEOs and managers of companies who have decided to employ Ukrainian software developers remotely, or to open their offices here in Ukraine. Is it worth it or not? What kind of surprises should one be […]

Why is it a good idea to start an IT business in Ukraine?

We have already written about which countries willingly accept Ukrainian professionals. However, relocation and remote work are not the only ways to attract the brains and talents of Ukrainian developers. Many IT-players, particularly those from the USA and Europe, prefer to open their offices in Ukraine. The recruiting agency Indigo has implemented several projects related […]

Review of CTOs’ salaries in the Ukrainian IT industry

The CTO, (Chief Technology Officer), is responsible for the strategic and technical development of the company, developing and optimizing products, as well as the productivity and resource allocation in the area of his or her responsibility. Since the roles and responsibilities of CTOs differ depending on the company size and type, salaries can also vary […]

Why You Can’t Find People to Work for You

Every year IT companies are finding it harder and harder to fill vacancies, especially senior level positions and higher. This is because developers are paying more and more attention to analyzing employer brands in order to avoid surprises. A poor employment process can significantly deteriorate a company’s reputation, as developers might share negative feedback in […]

No Copy-pasting or Koans: 9 Traps of Value Development

Have you ever tried to play a game without rules? That’s what it’s like if a company doesn’t recognize and showcase its own values. Corporate values provide guidance for organizations in every possible situation. They are necessary for future planning and operations management. Moreover, they provide a clear understanding of how to work with clients […]