8 signs you’ve found the right candidate

“8 signs you’ve found the right candidate”
Have you come across articles with a similar title? So have we. The most amazing thing is that most authors state with full confidence that a good resume or a neat appearance (seriously?) translates into a sure sign of a good employee.
So that’s it. We do not agree.

Why does your business need a recruiter?

This article may be of use to owners and directors familiar with Ukrainian IT realities who want to to improve their recruiting and also to those foreign companies who are interested in the level of recruiting in Ukraine and want to build their own hiring process.

Black Sea Summit 2016

Black Sea Summit 2016 will happen on September, 9-10 in Odessa, Ukraine and is going to welcome about 1000 participants from all over the world. The main topics of this year are startup ecosystem development and trends in startups such as agtech, energy, VR/AR and biotechnologies and of course effective network and a sea of opportunities.


We are happy to announce second edition of uaMobiTech —  the most friendly and honest Mobile Conference in Ukraine which will take place July 16-17 at Dnipropetrovsk!