Why you do not need an outstanding CEO, CTO, CFO and other CxO

You need good and competent management to make your company grow and develop. But, you don’t have to entice Satya Nadella from Microsoft.  When you hire a CEO, CTO or a manager for another important position you have to use an individual approach. The head of Indigo Tech Recruiters Ekaterina Osadchuk told us how to […]

How can a copywriter help the recruiting process in your company?

When our friends and clients hear that a full-time copywriter helps us in our recruiting processes, they are a bit surprised. And indeed, what does copywriting have to do with recruiting? But we’ve seen the magical power of texts in practice, and would like to tell you a little about how copywriting can save time […]

Why personality-based brands can hinder company development

Ekaterina Osadchuk – CEO at Indigo Tech Recruiters, economist, professional psychologist, HRD and business development director with more than ten years of experience. It’s strange to start an article with the fact that it’s impossible to motivate anyone. But that’s true. People’s  motivation is always internal, and it depends on goals and values.What can we […]

What is Human Science about?

Have you heard of Human Science yet? No? It is not surprising, since in Ukraine you can not often here this topic mentioned in conversation. So we decided to clear things up by having a chat with Bogdan Yamkovenko who is a People Research Scientist at Facebook and an Assistant Professor in the Department of […]

Suitable offer: The 7 Rules of Employer Value Proposition

An employer needs a brand if they want to reach a candidate’s field of vision. And it is essential to match the external picture and the real experience of the employees. Otherwise, all the efforts are in vain. The core of the Employer Brand is the Employer Value Proposition (EVP). It includes the advantages of […]

10 conditions that will help a newcomer to join the team easily

Unlike an octopus, a person can not instantly adapt to a new environment. A new employee will not reach the maximum level of productivity on the first day, now will  they learn the corporate rules – written or unwritten. To make efforts to integrate newcomers is a profitable business from all perspectives, including financial ones: […]


More and more of the world’s best known companies are choosing to open R&D centers in Ukraine. Household names such as – EPAM, Luxoft, Ciklum, Intetics, TEAM International Services and Softjourn all have a presence here. In total there are more than 2,000 IT companies (including Grammarly, InvisibleCRM, Readdle, Jooble, PetCube, Preply, DepositPhotos, TemplateMonster and […]

8 signs you’ve found the right candidate

“8 signs you’ve found the right candidate”
Have you come across articles with a similar title? So have we. The most amazing thing is that most authors state with full confidence that a good resume or a neat appearance (seriously?) translates into a sure sign of a good employee.
So that’s it. We do not agree.