5 Tips on Interviewing an Executive Candidate. Is There Room for Improvisation, Questions You Should Ask and How to Interpret the Results Correctly

by: Anna Usikova – Executive Search Consultant at Indigo Tech Recruiters Since there is a myriad of executive jobs and each has its own peculiarities, it is important to prepare your own interview strategy for each particular vacancy based on what you need to learn about the candidate. How to effectively communicate with senior executives […]

Inhumans: 15 exciting films about artificial intelligence

“I will destroy humanity.” After the robot Sofia proclaimed it, we, human creatures, can only hope for the best. We could expect that it was a joke made up by the creator of the robot, and not by the robot herself. We inside of Indigo have chosen the most exciting films about artificial intelligence and […]

Wild: 10 essential nuances when working with ex-freelancers

Interest in freelancing in the IT environment remains the same. However, while many of us have not tried to work remotely, Indigo and I have already asked ourselves how to work with those who have decided to return from а freelance job to working in a company. How to make an offer which they would […]

Working Remotely: how and why to live without an office

The remote format can easily knock you down and distract.  . But if you are able to handle it like an adult, that is, to work on your self-discipline, time management skills and self-organization, then you will find a world of opportunities. You could fly to Mexico, or do gardening in the Carpathians. And it […]

Good CEO VS Bad CEO. One mistake that could cost your business.

Ekaterina Osadchuk – CEO at Indigo Tech Recruiters, economist, professional psychologist, HRD and business development director with more than ten years of experience. The growth of the business from a start-up to a more mature company is impossible without changing the roles of the management team, especially the transition from the entrepreneurial approach of doing […]

Why you do not need an outstanding CEO, CTO, CFO and other CxO

You need good and competent management to make your company grow and develop. But, you don’t have to entice Satya Nadella from Microsoft.  When you hire a CEO, CTO or a manager for another important position you have to use an individual approach. The head of Indigo Tech Recruiters Ekaterina Osadchuk told us how to […]

How can a copywriter help the recruiting process in your company?

When our friends and clients hear that a full-time copywriter helps us in our recruiting processes, they are a bit surprised. And indeed, what does copywriting have to do with recruiting? But we’ve seen the magical power of texts in practice, and would like to tell you a little about how copywriting can save time […]

Why personality-based brands can hinder company development

Ekaterina Osadchuk – CEO at Indigo Tech Recruiters, economist, professional psychologist, HRD and business development director with more than ten years of experience. It’s strange to start an article with the fact that it’s impossible to motivate anyone. But that’s true. People’s  motivation is always internal, and it depends on goals and values.What can we […]

What is Human Science about?

Have you heard of Human Science yet? No? It is not surprising, since in Ukraine you can not often here this topic mentioned in conversation. So we decided to clear things up by having a chat with Bogdan Yamkovenko who is a People Research Scientist at Facebook and an Assistant Professor in the Department of […]