So, the restless Captain Obvious has prepared yet another handful of spooky stories for an unsophisticated reader. Seasoned professionals and non-lovers of triviality can skim this article 🙂 HOW CAN AN EMPLOYER BENEFIT FROM RECRUITMENT AGENCIES? First of all, a recruitment agency can save an employer an enormous amount of time and money. An agency […]


Here’s a folktale for you, kids: … There are rumours of a tribe of barbarians and loafers renowned for their devious minds, insatiable appetites and seductive speeches. Once you get into their lair, you stay there for good. They will promise you mountains of gold, collect the extortions and call it a day. Steer clear […]

Does HR Help a Company Earn Money or Just Spends It?

Katya Osadchuk— CEO,IndigoIT recruiting agency, economist, professional psychologist, and HR with over 10 years of experience, 6 of them as HR Director. This article is about the ways in which HR can help a company make and save money. The article will be useful for HR and CEOs, owners of companies, HR directors and those […]

What is Wrong With Your Hiring Strategy or When Job Boards Are Ineffective

A little insight into strategic bloopers. Remember good old Greg? He claims that it’s time to put aside job boards for a moment and break a sweat. We could take issue with that. Or we can take this idea as a basis. Here’s another fortunate thought we would like to quote. You can have a […]


“I will drink some coffee, then I will process the Excel base with questionnaires, afterward I will spend 100,500 hours to prepare and send invitation letters to full stack developers for an interview, I will go to the calendar in order to plan my time, then I will ask Lena to publish the IOS developers […]


No matter how hard the company tries to turn its office into the Garden of Eden, sooner or later most of the employees leave this place on their own. What exactly motivates IT-specialists to accept recruiters offers? Our IT-recruitment agency Indigo was curious about this question. So we could offer our list of reasons to […]

Overview of C-Level Salaries on Ukrainian IT market

Lately we’ve filled 30 C-level vacancies in IT companies and discovered that neither candidates nor employers feel confident when it comes to numbers. For instance, $5,000 for a CTO, is it too much or too little? Who should get a stock option plan? Does a flexible schedule motivate? This is precisely why we conducted a […]

Skype Interview: Tips from Recruiters or How to Nail the Screen Test?

Let’s be honest, pondering about Skype interview is already an old hat. The Internet is awash with recommendations on the topic: find a quiet place, set up the mic and – no kidding! – do not forget to put on trousers. Over the past 8 years we have interviewed hundreds of candidates. During an interview […]

5 Tips on Interviewing an Executive Candidate. Is There Room for Improvisation, Questions You Should Ask and How to Interpret the Results Correctly

by: Anna Usikova – Executive Search Consultant at Indigo Tech Recruiters Since there is a myriad of executive jobs and each has its own peculiarities, it is important to prepare your own interview strategy for each particular vacancy based on what you need to learn about the candidate. How to effectively communicate with senior executives […]

Inhumans: 15 exciting films about artificial intelligence

“I will destroy humanity.” After the robot Sofia proclaimed it, we, human creatures, can only hope for the best. We could expect that it was a joke made up by the creator of the robot, and not by the robot herself. We inside of Indigo have chosen the most exciting films about artificial intelligence and […]