7 trends in the IT labor market with statistics (which you will surely object)

It is a thankless duty to formulate trends, as one risks to play Captain Obvious or to receive “Don’t make something out of nothing, in fact, the opposite is true” as feedback, supported by examples and data. However, we at Indigo recruitment agency think that it is important to take stock and analyze the general […]

The future is coming: 7 HR trends that no longer seem impossible

While some companies file individual cases of their employees in paper folders, others are looking for technologies and approaches that allow them to work with talents and human potential more efficiently – not only today but also in the future (both the very near and the far-off).      Anna Stetsenko, the founder of IT […]

HR Audit DIY: 9 “Checkpoints” to Improve the Way You Work With People

If you take a closer look at the processes in your company right now, what is it that works well? What needs to change so that the work becomes easier and more effective? In this article, Masha Tekuch, an HR Business Partner who cooperates with IT companies in the Ukraine and abroad, shares the main […]

Descartes square: how to make a good choice in life and in a career

Every day we make thousands of decisions. Meanwhile, even small household choices create a great pressure for our brain. This pressure intensifies when we face life inflection points, when we need to make the right choice to determine our career and relationships with loved ones.  Anna Stetsenko, the founder of Indigo – Tech Recruiters, shares […]

Important HR-trends everyone should know about

Remote work, mental health, automatization of recruitment, inclusion… How will HR-trends influence our work in the near future?  Our author, Anna Stetsenko, is the founder of Indigo Tech Recruiters, an IT recruitment agency The relationship between company and employee continually changes. People are looking for jobs, and companies are becoming more particular about choosing their […]

Where to look for employees: 7 sources to find junior developers

Do you believe in human potential? Do you create a corporate environment where talent grows skywards like Jack’s beanstalk? If so, the issue of attracting promising recruits to your team is relevant to you. We at Indigo recruitment agency have given much thought to the nuances of hunting for young IT talents.   1. Universities […]

Ageism in IT and how to deal with it

The author: Anya Stetsenko is an IT-recruiter, entrepreneur, and simply a happy woman. She has been managing Indigo recruitment agency since 2007 and has been bringing new IT-businesses to Ukraine. She is educating beginner recruiters and professionals in HR-IT. She loves traveling and fills vacancies everywhere from Japan to Antarctica. The more I was ruminating […]

Crackerjacks for a newcomer: 9 ideas for your welcome package

Companies are ready to do virtually anything in order to make new employees return to the workplace after lunch, rather than ghosting the new employer. Top managers personally greet the newbies and organize parties in their honor. What is more, they even buy presents! In the past, one needed to deserve them with conscientious work, […]