Indigo –  first and most untrivial recruiting agency in Ukraine. Our passion is to search and match people from Information Technology (IT) and Digital Marketing spheres.




  • Lydia Dats

    Lydia Dats

    Indigo team always strives for the best possible result. What is remarkable: they are carefully studying the profile of the vacancy and company, in order to understand which specialist exactly the company is looking for. The transparency of their work is also impressive: as a client I can view the job status at any time and can always monitor its progression.

    Techmagic LLC, Lydia Dats, Managing Partner

  • Vdovychenko Nana

    Vdovychenko Nana

    Thoughtful and professional recruiters of Indigo are not afraid to face challenges, spreading their positive attitude to others – TransferWise, Vdovichenko Nana recruiter.
    TransferWise, Vdovychenko Nana, Recruiter

  • Andrey Borovik

    Andrey Borovik

    Good work! 🙂


  • Olga Ivanova

    Olga Ivanova

    Working with Indigo, I am completely sure that the search will be built on the “out of the box” principle, and everyone in Indigo focused primarily on trying to find for us, their client, the best people!

    Archer Software,  HR-director, Professional Coach

  • Dmitriy Utrobin

    Dmitriy Utrobin

    Прозрачность и налаженность рабочего процесса в Indigo можно оценить на “отлично”!

    MIF, Commercial Director

  • Natalia Zaslavskaya

    Natalia Zaslavskaya

    Indigo is one of the most famous IT recruitment agecnies in Ukraine

    Wix, HRM & COO

  • Vlad Flaks

    Vlad Flaks

    You can definatley trust Indigo!

    OWOX,  CEO

  • Dmitriy Vasilinenko

    Dmitriy Vasilinenko

    Professionals in their field, they really know IT industry!

    Director, Sitecore Ukraine